Best International School in Doha


I need to ask about the best international school in Doha ,, my Son is 3 years..

Now he in waiting a list in Doha College, but I think no chance for him. I need advice for best school like Doha


I suggest Qatar International School in West Bay area near to french school
and Al Hekma International School in Dafna area.

Good luck.

Try Compass International School - Rayyan or Gharaffa

What about school of london ?? Does Any one recommend it please ?

The best international school in Doha for your child is Pearling Season International School. It has brilliant teachers and each child receives an education designed for them. It is inclusive and each class has a perfect mix of nationalities and abilities so that your child will have wonderful role models to develop with. If any child falls behind in any subject special staff immediately intervene. Best of all, this school is coming up to its third year and is anxious to increase its pupil roll because the school becomes profitable when the numbers reach 600 and they intend to eventually have 1600 pupils. This summer eight new classrooms are being built. I have a seven year old boy there and the progress he has made is amazing - more important he loves going there every day. The key thing that makes PSIS extra-special is the amount of play time built into every day. Every 30 or 40 minutes in class is punctuated by a physical activity. Swimming and PE are parts of the normal school week and students can decide to participate in extra class activities each Sunday and Monday from 1 30 to 2 30.
Best regards and ring me on xxx of i can help you more.
Eamon Lynch

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Hi Eamon Lynch,

I suggest you recommend this school in the Doha business directory so that members may find it's contact details and if needed contact them.

Are you in any way affiliated to this school ?

Best of luck,

I have been offered a job in Pearling School. It is encouraging to see your response

from My own experience I wouldn’t recommend Pearling season school for anyone. Based on my own experience as a previous employee at Pearling season:
1. Due to thee poor management the school had 5 different head teachers in just 12 month Alister, Delorse Thompson, Melvin Jones, Delorse Thompson( for the second time) and Mr Jeaf Who used to be a normal teacher in Gulf school.
2. The school was under investigations by MEBS because of the leadership problems as the Unqualified School Business Manager carried out most of the senior teaching staff.
3. The school currently operates without the appropriate licenses from MOE ministry of Education and Local authorities and the civil defence as it failed the safety tests and preached the regulations regarding unauthorised building work.
4. You said school has  a total of 600 students, unfortunately this is not true as the total number is just above 450 which includes a round 50+ staff kids who enrolled for free.

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