If the UK leave the EU


Does anyone have an idea of how an expat from the uk will be if the uk leave the eu?
I think the big wheels will move slowly but resident permits and social security etc, what would happen?



This is one thing that Cameron, nor anyone else supporting the Brexit vote wants you to know about.

It is going to have a profound, and probably immediate, effect on British Expats throughout the European Union. There is a complete lack of hard information and this only spawns a mountain of speculation.

The worst case scenario, which is not very likely, is that it would turn all Brits into "illegal aliens" overnight. While that may not necessarily be universally true, it may be true in some EU countries should their national governments decide to take the hard line.

Certainly what will happen overnight is that your immigration status WILL change completely, since you no longer will have any of the rights and protection, especially those regarding mobility, residency and work,  that membership in the EU offers to citizens of other EU nations, you will no longer fit that definition.

Interesting article on the subject:  http://www.vice.com/read/this-is-what-c … the-eu-998

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Thanks for posting that article James. The part about the Treaty of Rome including a two year period of negociation is reassuring at least. It suggests to me that there is a minimum grace period built into the terms which could be used to apply for continuation for existing expats. In general, if there is a brexit, does it imply that we are wholey 'alien'; that we'd have to apply for a visa/permit and have that renewed? I'd assume you apply to work in Belgium for instance, and have a right to work here if granted, but would still then automatically have access to the Schengen for travel.

It looks like the opinion polls are only slightly tipped in favour of staying in the EU. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/eureferendum/11617702/poll.html


I am absolutely not in favor of a "brexit". But I think it is time that England shows that it is European or American. For there comes a time when has to stop doing the splits ... This behavior annoys many Europeans. This becomes imperative following multiple economic crises to build a strong Europe.


Yes, I agree - I'm not in favour of it either. I don't think the UK should leave the EU.

Then again, it's neither here nor there what other people in Europe think about the UK deciding on this. The UK has every right to look after it's own interests first. And that includes staying in the EU if that is also in the UK's best interest in terms of the possibility that it would harm the EU if it were to leave. Careful though: England is not the UK, it is part of it, and Britain is not the UK, and I don't think there's any need for the UK to 'show it is American'.

I totally agree with you on the fact that it is up to you to decide the future.

Regarding the difference between England and the United Kingdom, what do you want, I am a poor Belgian who is lost in your story. A bit like a foreigner in Belgium who try to understand the bickering between Flemish and Walloon. It would be a nice topic btw create this site for us réussiss a bit to understand who does what between England, Scotland, Wales and all other parties ...

Apart from that, did you get a whiff of politics in my previous comment? For that is why he has been censored?

It seems a shame you can't talk politics here? I didn't realise that. Politics are such a big part of being an expat. Seems strange to censor such things.

Yes, nevermind, the UK is a little more complicated than it  needs be I suppose! Belgium's a complicated place too, that's for sure.

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According to the code of conduct, we are not allowed to talk about politics on Expat.com or to share our opinion on such subjects.

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