Personal trainer in Taiwan?

Hi there,

I am currently living in Shanghai and working here as a personal trainer. I am a freelancer. I was thinking to move to a less polluted place in 1-2 years and Taiwan is one of my choices. However, I know nothing about personal training/fitness market there.
Here in Shanghai I don't have problems with finding clients - I train mainly expats, but have some Chinese as well. Rates for 1h PT sessions here are usually around 450-500 RMB if a client pays to a gym. I personally charge 300-350 RMB (50-60 USD) per hour and train clients either at their home or compound gyms. I am just curious how it can be for me in Taiwan in terms of money? How much are personal trainers are usually paid (average rate, I understand that it all depends on PT qualification(s), experience, etc.).
What do you think about the fitness industry in Taiwan? Would I be able to get clients there? Are foreign PTs on demand?

Thank you in advance for your replies!


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Hi :)

I know it's been a very long time since your post here but I'd like to know how did your experience go ?
I'm thinking about moving to Taiwan to be personal trainer there (kind of a dream for me).

Did you go there? How's the fitness industry in Taiwan ?

Thank you a lot :)


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