Thao Dien Information and News

There is a big community of expats live in Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh city.
So updates about things happen in this area will be helpful.

1. Thao Dien now has its own gasoline station at no. 53, Song Hanh street
(parallel with Xa Lo Ha Noi), previously, people have to go to nearest gasoline station at Tran Nao to recharge their bike, car.

Name of this gasoline station is: "Trạm Xăng dầu Hiếu Phương 3",
means "Hiếu Phương 3 Gasoline & Oil Station"

Actually, which is the best gasoline company in Vietnam? Any recommendations?
I used to fill from PETROLIMEX kiosks and felt not much adulterated  :)
Tried some other company gasolines with good smell of Kerosene which gives less mileage.

Thanks....have a good dream!

Sadly the Zebra Fish beer bar in Thao Dien (opposite Mon Hue restaurant)  closed before Christmas (Boo!)

Happily a new craft beer bar opened up in Thao Dien at the same time, in the same street (on the opposite side) as Al Fresco (Hurrah!).

I found lamb burgers in the An Phu supermarket the other day and they were quite nice cooked with a bit of crushed garlic and a sprig of rosemary from my garden.

Does anyone know where I can get a jar of Branston pickle? I had to get a jar from Hong Kong for Christmas - I was over there on business anyway.

Finally I have scoured Thao Dien for caraway seeds without finding any, has anyone got a source for them?

Hello, are you a resident of Hoang Anh River View, 37 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien?

If yes, you may join this Facebook group:

I created this Facebook group only for people who live in this compound, so if you join, please send me a message tell me which unit, or at least which block are you in. (I am at A2).

The purpose of this group is to know our neighbors.

I'm newly moved here 3 weeks ago, and I would love to know my neighbors: who is my neighbor and what're they doing here, how are their lives?

Maybe we can find friends, find help here.

Hey, is there anyone in Thao Dien up for sushi tonight?

We are 4 people: a local and 3 newly moved here, excited to meet new people and socializing we will be at De-sushi club 40 Nguyen Cu by 7pm.

Come to meet us!

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