Dentist in Rosarito or Tijuana


I'm currently living in San Antonio Del Mar and looking for a good dentist for a cleaning in Rosarito or Tijuana.
Any recommendations would be very much appreciated. 

Thank you kindly

He is the ONLY dentist I will see.  I am allergic to the gum numbing agents so I get the needle "straight".   NO PAIN EVER!   I have yet to have any pain for anything and I have a very low threshold.. He speaks fluent  English,  His office could be the interior of my dentist's office in Newport Beach.   His prices are very low.  His work is good.  AND HE IS ABSOLUTELY PAINLESS, at least for me.

I have a three toth bridge replacing one missing tooth.  It fell out as one of the "post" teeth broke off.  He was able to reattach the bridge to that post tooth, saving me the cost of a new bridge.
I paid $4600 for the bridge in Newport Beach.  He would have made me a new one for $800 if it had been necessary.  He CHOSE to see if he could save my bridge which cost him $.  A root canal done by his associate took 35 minutes, no pain, and cost $170.

His is super.  I am in my 80's and have been to a lot of dentists over the years but none as great as Dr. Mendiola.

5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here is someone else's review.  CHeck out other reviews on the internet by typing his name in the address bar.

  "Dr. Mendiola is the very best dentist I have ever had. I went in for a wisdom ...."

Dr. José Raúl Mendiola R.
.. Paseo De Los Heroes 941   .  Zona Rio, Tijuana B.C.
011-52 (664) 634-0933

Fantastic!!!  Thank you so much! I'll make an appointment today. 

Merry Christmas to you.

Dr. De La Vega in Tijuana is excellent plus the doctor and his staff speak english

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