re-entering after overstaying my welcome

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Hi, I’m a British citizen who is currently in Brazil on a 6 month tourist visa (180 days extension). My visa runs out on January 3rd, 2019 and I have a flight booked to leave on February 3rd, 2019 (overstaying) and plan on paying the set fine for overstaying each day once I leave. Me and my wife wish to travel to Rio around the end of January to spend a few days before we leave Brazil. My question is that if we did this and we traveled from Porto Alegre airport and landed in Rio airport, would I be stopped and have my passport checked for the security to see that I’ve overstayed? And then do they have the right to send me on the next flight to the UK even though I have a scheduled flight to leave the country on February 3rd? I’ve read that it’s not a crime to overstay in Brazil but I don’t know how things would go... if someone could please give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated!

Travelling domestic they don't usually check for your visa status They usually look at your identity. If they do check it you will most likely be ordered to leave the country.


Hi Jim I am from the UK. If I go to Brazil on a tourist visa for 90 days, go back to the UK for 2 weeks, then return to Brazil for another 90 days, do I need to get an extension from the PF or is this allowable because I am making 2 separate entries?

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Hi Ben,

Yes you will need to apply for a 90 day (max allowed) visa extension at the FP, if you return back to Brazil after your initial 90 days more than likely you will not be allowed to enter Brazil and will be sent back. (This information has been confirmed by the Brazilian embassy in London)

I am also in a similar situation.

Initially I thought every time I entered Brazil I would get a 90 day visa on entry but this wasnt the case.

The maximum time allowed for (UK) citizens is 180 days per 365 days on a tourist visa.

Hope this helps

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