Linz newcomers - make friends

Hello everyone.
I recently moved to Linz and joined the

After couple of weeks when I couldn't find any forum for directly meeting new people in Linz (only Austria in general) I decided to start this forum for all those who would love to get in touch with other expats in Linz. If you'd like to meet new friends and join the community... This is the place.

Any questions regarding to living, jobs or any suggestions for going out for beers/wine/whatever in order to get to know each other are welcome!

For starters - My name is Jakub (Cuba/Jacob/James - everything works for me) and I moved to Linz about a month ago for a job.  So far I live in a motel, saving some money to get a proper flat somewhere in city.

I am 26-year-old guy with a passion for music and I love to spend me leisure with friends - so far I haven't had any luck of meeting any people besides my job and since my german is far from perfect, It's not that easy :D I learn every day, however it'll take som etime to get fully involved in social debates in german.

Thus I'd love to provide an optoin for people in similar situation so we can create a community to blend in mor comfortably :)

Anyone wants to meet up and do some activities? :)

Hello KubiFischer :)

Your idea is great! :top:

Could you please help the community by participating on this thread and telling us the cost of living in Linz area of Austria please?

Cost of living in Austria – 2015


Also new to Linz :)

HI there,

I also got Linz few weeks ago and i'd like to meet new people! just let me know if you're interested in

Good idea