Hi internationals in Austria!

Hi everyone, I'm a teen from America who is now living in Austria! It would be awesome to talk or meet other teens that live here that are also internationals! Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!

Hi Yiannis100!

Welcome to Expat.com!


hi. nice to meet u. i will move to linz in july. good to know u :)

Hi Yiannis100,
I'm not in Linz yet but planning to live there next summer/autumn.
I'm not a teen but it's nice to meet you anyway and meet any international people in there :)

I'm also planning to move to salzburg by august its nice meeting yhu guys... Ciao!

hi. i will move to Linz in July. hope can meet u :)

Yeah sure... If u r on facebook add me on [email protected]!

i dun have just have yahoo : meo_siunhan

I'll add yuh to on my messenger..

Do you find it hard to move to Austria when all the useful web pages are in German?! I'm really lost and can't find useful information in English :-/

I am coming to Austria in this Sep session for masters program..

Hi! i am a Canadian au pair currently working in Linz for a year and looking for friends! please let me know if you would like to get to know each other and maybe meet for coffee.


Hello , My name is Khurram Shahzad from Pakistan and at end of November or December I also join you at austria.

If any one want to join me for live conversation:

Skypeid:   markwebstudio