Cost of living in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Hi friend

Am moving to congo with the salary of 2000 usd with free accomodation like house,food.My question is whether 2000 usd is good ?.suppose if i move from to congo to other countries how much i can expect like

What is the cost of living and the price of self catering apartments.

Is it worthwhile to purchase a vehicle and travel back to RSA

For cost of living try

I got a job in padiyath healthcare 
I want to know its reputation, and how this hospital treat his employee

Dear Akola friend,

Hv u joined??
Can u update more on new cesamex pharma.

Culture and life with new cesamex.


Or else u can share ur cell number

Sir can you tell me about Somika mining ltd., DR Congo. What should I do.

Frds tell me details about somika

Absolutely correct. People normally dont consider all this before switching.. and repent later.

Pls suggest about company in Lubumbashi name as somika group. I need your help to know About this company

Hi... Everyone

Myself Pratik katkar, i just got reference to work in DRC, the employer who give me chance is zenufa pharmaceutical, I searched site but the real reputation, payscale and environment of the company I want to know from you real experianced expats. Please give me information about employer this is necessory for me.

Am having 20 yrs experience and got an offer from congo in automobile sector and they are offering me salary usd 2000 .
Transportation ,medical , accomodation and food will be provided by company.
also usd 250 they r giving for local expence. Offer is for 4 yrs .
Is this a good offer ? Pls advice


Hi...........This Abdul. I got a Admin Offer in Padiyath medicity  Congo ,Could you tell Something

About that company & Working Hours As well Any salary deduction(Personal Tax) ?

Hi friend,
I'm also from india. I got a offer to work in UAC SARL. The location is kinshasa.

Is it good company?? Can you please suggest??

Hi sir,

I got an offer from UAC retail to be work in Kinshasa ...can u tell me about this compeny plz ?

can any one let me know how many companies in kinshasa offer jobs to INDIAN expatriates

will be waiting for support to plan for the job


Can you please tell me about a company named "Sokerico."
This is a construction company in kinshasa.