Humanitarian Nurse needs Cost of Living Info in Eastern DR Congo

I'll be moving to Eastern DRC to serve the orphan population by the end of year 2014. I need any detailed information about cost of living: good advice about plane tickets, cargo fees for humanitarian aid, What is cheaper to buy in US and pay cargo fees for and what is  better price bought locally. I need special advice about the best Data Access on Internet. Should I buy a small $50 modem to run a data only Internet connection? Does anyone have advice about a residence VISA or discounts for people doing humanitarian work there? Thanks.

Hi! Where will you be staying? I know of an orphanage in Goma needing a live in volunteer.Look forward to hearing from you.
Fiona Koch

Hi Fiona,
Thanks for your message. I'll be traveling to Goma but not staying there. I'll probably be living in Beni or Butembo. I welcome you to visit my Facebook page called, RN for Congo (Orphans in DR Congo). Thanks.

Thanks RN! I wish you safe travels..hope you keep your FB updated, so we can see pics..I'm over envious..dying to get there myself! Best wishes,Fiona