Hi all,
I am a new member to the forum planning to re
locate in DRC-kinshasa.I would like to be informed about the conditions in public transportation between kinshasa and near cities by bus,how safe is it,and what are the bus fares ?
Thank you

Hey Snml !

According to your question about the public transportation between kinshasa and the nearby cities by bus; first of all I have to tell you that there is no interstate public transportation network in all the DR Congo upto now. But otherwise you can find interstate private buses which links three nearby cities like (Matadi, Kikwit, and Bandundu) but it's more safer travelling by collective bus when planning a trip between Kinshasa and Matadi and even when you want to proceed toward (Boma and Muanda) which are seaport cities after Matadi. Taking bus toward Kikwit and Bandundu are not common and not that safe.People prefer hiring 4X4 "Prodo and others" which can cost you around 200 USD for an up and down trip of 48 hours with driver included.
Bus fares for (Matadi, Boma and Muanda) can cost you around 35 USD oneway trip and you have to pay double for up and down trip.
The public buses are available in urban cities only (Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Kisangani, Goma etc). Companies running this network in Kinshasa are called (Transco, Transkin, Esprit de vie); a move between one station to another whatever the distance aboard these bus  costs 500 FC (Congolese Francs) which worth around 0.5 USD

I guess this will be of help to you


hi kane 2015,
Thank you very much for the valuable information.Yoy stated that it is safer to travel by collective bus to cetain destinations.What do you mean exactly by collective bus and why is it safer than a bus running from city to city?
Thank you very much for your time

Hey snml !

You're welcome; I meant by collective bus a private interstate buses (city to city private buses), sorry to make you confused about "collective bus" which mean the same with the private interstate or city to city buses which are of course run by private operators as stated in my previous comment. This is how we call them in here.
You know ! Why is it safer travelling from some destination and not to others by interstate buses, it is because there are couple of issues involving, such as roads states (which are of course in very catastrophic conditions; letting travel for almost a month for distance of 600 Km ), journey's security, hygienic condition of the means of transportation etc. As all the factors I have mentioned previously are affecting constantly the demand from bus travelers of some certain background, the offer also is quasi existent for those customers.

thank you kane2015 for your reply and explanations.My sons (and I ) are interested in starting a business in the transport field in DRC and information that i nave is similar to what you wrote to me.I woyld like though to ask a few things more so i am sending my email to you in order to communicate and ask a few things with the possibility of coming to Kinsasha and see situation first hand.My email is: [email protected]  so if you are kind enough to send me your mail back we can have a more extensive information (if this is not a burden to you).Most Regards