Divorce in Congo DRC

Thirteen years ago, my wife and I went to City Hall in Lubumbashi and signed marriage papers.  There was never a formal wedding ceremony, i.e. by a priest, etc.  A year and a half later, she came to America on a Fiancee Visa, which we had applied for and had been approved, before the signing in Lubumbashi. We were formally married here in the United States .  We are now in divorce proceedings, which will be final soon.  My question is:  Do we need to go through divorce proceedings there in Congo as well?  Does the fact that there was no ceremony there mean anything?  She is a naturalized American citizen but is living in Congo,  She signed the divorce papers here in the United States, however, she seems unwilling to look into it on the Congolese side.   Any thoughts?


Divorce in DR. Congo is done only via the Tribunal. Marriage is valid only celebrated by the Mayor [Bourgmestre of the commune] or a  city. The religion celebration has no legal power in DRC.

If there is any judgment in USA, this need to be submitted in DRC in order for the Mayor to register it.


Dr. Joseph Yav


Thank you for your response. I will be in touch with you with the divorce decree soon.


Gerald G. Loyd

I just want to ask how many months or years the divorce papers takes .
And how many jugements to go tru now for the jugements u have to be there in Congo if u are out of the DRC what can u do?
And ur ex have to sign u too have to sign?
Can anyone send me does paperwork to see how he looks or how he works?
Where my ust we sign me and my ex? From
The jugements papers or from the Tribunal where we have to sign?
My Regards:
Cool man