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would love  to know  how i can aply for gongolese passports  for me and my  children,i am an south african born to a congolese for 13 yrs.i also would love to do volunteer work in congo

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are you congolese or south african? I am originally from Congo. Congo laws don't allow dual nationalities. But you are born from a Congolese,theorically you will to choose your nationality when you'll be 18. In order to have a Congolese passport,you will need to go to the Congolese Consulate or Embassy in Pretoria.

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Bonjours, Le passport Congolais pour le moment coute combiens de dollars US.?

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Hi,I need to go to pretoria to apply for a passport ,I am a Congolese leaving in Cape Town ,what else do I need to do it,I've got my old passport and I made a deposit of rR 2800

hi,tell me plz how to process for congolese passport application

Hi i'm Rico Muilu leaving in cape town i want to renew my passport but i can't travail from here to pretoria isn't a consulate here in cape town can help me for the process how do i renewed ?

how much does it cost

i was born in congo but raise in Nigerian i do not speak congo and i leave in Uk, i have congo passport which is nearly expire now how can i apply for renew and what is gonna cost me ? my uncle help me to get my passport before he left for US  please help?


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I would like to ask a few questions .

I have a British passport but i was born in the jadotville dry which is now known as Likasi.

I am looking to come and live back in DRC and start a business there.

I would like to know how i can get a PASSPORT and become a resident so as i can start my business .

Any help or information you could give me would be very much appreciated.

Thank you


Ok do you have a consul in cap town?

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