Dubai municipality exam for Agriculture Engineer

i just want to ask regarding Dubai municipality exam for Agriculture Engineer do you have an idea regarding the exam? if you have some sample question or notes can you please share it with me. i planning to apply an exam for Agriculture Engineer

1.    what are safety precaution used during pesticide applying
2.    what is pest
3.    what is LD50
4.    what is acute poison
5.    identification of pest..... etc
6.    30 marks definition
7.    10 marks numerical related concentration of dose into water
8.    Remaining long or short question 5 or  3 or 10 marks question

Hi misbha imdad here actually i want get ready for preparation Dm aproval Exam little help me to guide me and also send me some material regarding test thanks

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Last week i apply pest control supervior test.can you guide me .what types of exam and what type of question .can you post some question.

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