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I will arrive in Cambodia in September and I'm looking to buy a business there (restaurant, guesthouse, bar, nightclub..) . So, is someone know a serious agency in Phnom Penh that I can contact to find and visit some businesses ?

Hi Antoine,

I am Vichhakrak, i am real estate agent if you want to buy business in Phnom Penh ( restaurant, bar, guesthouse, nightclub) but wich business you focus on ? Why you select many business ?
This mean you not focus on buy this business, that sound you only reserch on this kind of business.

Antoine, I would suggest you wait until you arrive in Cambodia and carry out some on the ground research before even considering buying a business here.

Also, it is the norm to deal directly with the buyers here as opposed to going through agents.

Hello all :)

[at]Antoine Meur : I suggest you check out adverts of Business for sales here :

Business for sale in Phnom Penh


Ok. Thank you for your answer. I will continue my research.

But before finding the good opportunity (I'm not hurry, I prefer take my time to find what I look for...) , can I find an optician job (it's my work in France) or french teacher job ?

I agree wait til you arrive. Many places available but not many of quality. Contact me if you need any help.

Starting a business in Cambodia is not that difficult, sustaining it is...

I would sincerely recommend you spend time in country first. I would even wait a year or so to get a better idea of what you're up against. It's very difficult being profitable in Cambodia. I know countless folks that went belly up quickly. Good luck!

Hello Antoine,

I have drop message to you.

HI ,
I am here for 26 years and running my restaurant , bar  and guest house , i make good business here ,after 18 years 
  but you need time to find down here , in Phnompenh so many bar restaurant , and hotel they want to sale , do  not hurry , if any need help please let me i will  help you
      Best wish to you

R u already ? I have my business to show you if you not now

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