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Hi everyone.

Thanks for your help with my last question.  We've now got a date.   We are coming to Mauritius next weekend. 

We have now been told that when we arrive we will be put in a hotel and given a list of potential houses to look at.  It is a nice problem to solve!  We have been asked whether we would prefer to live near the beach or in the city.  Nobody wake me up, I am enjoying this.  My wife will be working near the university, and we also need to think of getting our teenage daughter to school, and these two issues are more important than my walk to the sea  (we will have a car, but we don't want to spend time stuck in commuter traffic).  Any tips on where to aim our search at would be very welcome.


Hello Tram,

We are leaving in the large central district called Plaine Whilhems, that includes Curepipe, Floreal, Moka, Quatre-Bornes, etc... and the university which is in Reduit. Our choice was dictated by the proximity of the French Lycee our son is attending. I have to say that, one year after our installation, we have no regret at all. Everything is here, schools, shopping, sport, music, and beaches are only 25 mn away. If you do not want to spend too much time in the traffic, this is to me a very good option.
Hope you will find the place of your dream 5 (the most important to be well settled in Mauritius).

We live in Tamarin which is near the beach. But for school & work I would suggest you look around Floreal.


You can live in the vicinity of the University which is situated at Reduit, The choices would be Ebene, Rose Hill, Quatre Bornes or further up, which would be Vacoas, Phoenix, Curepipe, Floreal.

If you are from Oxford, then you might want to look at some English speaking school.There's Northfield School or Le Bocage International school.

Here are the ads: lebocage.net

Hope that will be of any use.



NothFields is a very good school and many english speaking expat kids go there...howver it is in the NORTH of the country and many for the expats that send their kids their thus live in the north, Grand Bay Pereybere, Troux Bitche, Point o connoniers etc.  (all near the sunny beaches of the north)

I live in Pereybere an beautiful beach village next to grand bay, with lots of life and lots to do for teenagers which many other areas dont have.   However if your wive works at the universaty expect the commute from there to be about 45 to 60 min in the morning traffic

Hi Tristram,

We'd love to give you many choices but if you don't want to be stuck in the Highway traffic then your best bet would be to reside in the Moka area as that is closest to the University in Reduit. Your only English medium school there is Bocage, lebocage.net It has a decent reputation. 

Good luck, see you at the next meet up. Kaybee and Norman

I am a development chef looking to live and work in Mauritius
I would like to work with a corporate company if possible or a restaurant chain
Any advise

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