Looking firends and job


I am looking friends, specaily friends who came from  Cambodia.

I also looking any kind of job and please help me.


Hello Sopheary,

Well maybe you can give us a little introduction of yourself  :)

Since when are you in Belgium ?

For jobs, you will have to browse through the jobs section : https://www.expat.com/en/jobs/europe/belgium/

Best of luck

Hello Bhavna,

I'm living in Bredene, Oostende,Belgium since 2013 and I finished Nederlands 2.1 level.

In Cambodia,I have been working for 14 years with several environmental conservation organizations in Cambodia
such as , Wildlife Alliance , Save Cambodia's Wildlife , Free The Bears , WWF , CCC , etc....
My main responsibilities where to manage the projects related to environmental awareness  and community development with difference target groups such as school children , NGO's and government staff , teachers , monks , villagers , military , etc ....

In Belgium , I had been worked in a restaurant as helper in kitchen and did volunteer with social house as massager for old people.

Beside this, I learned First Aid course with Red Cross and Massage therapist with Syntra West, Belgium.

I speak good English but Nederland is not  good as English.


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