Postal service

Hello. I'm moving to Tripoli in a couple of weeks and am wondering what the Libyan postal service is like, both in terms of sending and receiving. I lived in Cairo for a bit last year, and only ever sent postcards and small letters - as far as I know they all arrived, but I had to pay extra when a parcel was sent to me, to the man who delivered it to my flat. Is it the same in Libya? While living in Russia, I found that anything more closed-up and mysterious than a postcard was unlikely to arrive in one piece, if at all, so I just told all my friends and family not to bother sending anything that had to be sealed. Thanks very much!

Libyan postal service is OK for cards...etc. And unless you like to wait for months or lose your parcel, use Aramex Shop & Ship

There's a postal service here ? I wouldn't trust them with my junk mail.

There are no house addresses and most roads are unnamed - that is at least one reason why there is no postal service here.  One way is to get things couriered, but you need to have them sent to your work address (a large international company, I presume), otherwise it is probably quicker, surer and easier to go back home and collect your post in person.  :D

People, if you don't know the answer don't post, I can't figure why you feel the need to post cynical replies.

There is a postal service here and it works just fine. You just need a PO Box.

For packages, there are plenty of courier companies that work fine plus as MoEl said, Aramex shop and ship for your personal shopping. If you do courier anything, just make sure your phone number is included on the address.

The postal system seems ok - as mentioned above, you need to get a p.o. box number and you'll have to check at the post-office yourself for your mail as there is no home delivery service. It maybe more convenient to use your company's P.O. box add., if they allow it & u trust them. Overseas letters can take about 10-15 days. Books & C.D.'s may take longer as the customs go through them.
For urgent mail you could use DHL courier service, though they are a bit expensive. Hope that helps. :)

speaking of postal..., does anyone know if the 7-digit Libyan postal codes begin to function?

I sent couple of post cards to Canada and they successfully arrived. My friends send parcels to Russia and they arrive, too. (not sure if in one piece though, will ask them later ;))

Someone said Russia?? time for a reversal:

*in thick 'Vodkaited' Russian accent* "In Russia, mail sends you"

"In Russia, mail sends you"


I tried to get a mail order bride sent to Tripoli, never arrived. Tsk. :(

Next time I'll get her DHL'd.

Top tip: order a skinny bride -  saves on the postage costs. You can fatten her up to size when she gets here. Bread's cheap!

i still wait for my gift from london and till now i didint receiv eit

I have sent and received several items no problems at all, I have a P.O box, I am a member of an Institution in the UK and I receive their monthly package regularly. no issues whatsoever.