Business Visa Process

Updated 2010-10-06 06:14

For Business Visas

In order to obtain an entry visa to Libya on behalf of a certain company, please observe due time in advance the following procedure:

Preparation by Applicant

For each person wanting to obtain a visa the following has to be considered:

Validity of your Passport is at least 6 (six) months

Be sure not to have any immigration remark and/or stamp of Israel in your passport.

Translate your Passport into Arabic by using an official translation office, in doubt consult the Libyan Embassy in your country.

Submit a copy of the fist page of your Passport as well a s the Arabic Translation to the Contact Address as given below.

Submit full name of your Mother and Father

Submit Name and Address of your nearest Libyan Embassy (if there is more than one) for all correspondence.

Preparation by company

Company issues Invitation Letter to the Libyan Embassy stipulated by you based on the information as given above.

Company issues, on specific request, an Accommodation Confirmation Form.

Company sends Visa Reference Number, issued by Libyan Immigration Authority, simultaneously to the Libyan Embassy in your country as nominated by you and the Applicant.

Final Steps by Applicant

After having received Visa Reference Number as above, proceed according to the Visa Pick-up Regulations of the Libyan Embassy/Consulate in your country.

Inform yourself before picking-up the Visa about opening hours, personal attendance, as well as any other necessary forms and/or procedures

Typical requirements of Libyan Embassies/Consulates are:

Fill in a Visa Application Form

Submit Visa Reference Number issued by Libyan Immigration

Submit current Passport Photographs in Colour

Submit Passport Photocopy including Arabic Translation

Retrieving the Visa is not always possibly via mail; often it has to be picked-up personally.

Submit Round-trip Air Ticket

Submit Accommodation Letter

The requirements of the Visa Application Form to be submitted by the Applicant vary from country to country considerably. Please make sure, however, to always use the following termini when filling in such forms:

Entry Purpose /Purpose of Visit /Purpose:

Required Period:

Nature of Work or Mission:

Reference and Address in Jamahiriya /Concerned Body:

After having entered Libya, please submit your passport to either the Hotel administration or Company in order to obtain the triangular, green IMMIGRATION REGISTRATION STAMP. Without this stamp in your passport you might face severe difficulties when leaving Libya after your visit.

Important Remarks

Do not apply simultaneously with more than one Libyan Company for an Entry Visa.

Be sure not having any immigration remark and/or stamp of Israel in your passport.

Be aware of changing Visa and Entry Regulations.

Always contact the Libyan Embassy and/or Consulate in your country before starting the application procedure.

In case you want to obtain a resident visa, you will need to make a medical check here in Libya, get a translated copy of your qualifications (in case you stay here permanently for business purposes) and deliver an Aids test to the Libyan embassy in your home country, when you get your reference number.

We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.