Nursery Schools

Updated 2014-01-14 07:55

I moved to Libya with my 2 young children now aged 4 years and 2 and a half years. Finding the right school for them was of course a serious concern but we are very happy to have found exactly what we wanted both in Misurata, where we first lived, and now in Zawia.

Lamassat School in Misurata

?Both my children went to that school in the smallest section at the time. They called it "baraeem". Young children were supervised during play sessions as well as taught during more formal sessions. This is a Libyan independent school which means that the language of education is Arabic, with English taught as a second language to children in primary school.

There is loads i could say about that school, we as parents and my children were completely satisfied with the school environment, the teachers were all very well trained and really cared for the children, the school building was very big and brand new with all the facilities and equipment you can imagine, the school yard was also very spacious, they even had a garden. During the summer they had poneys, swimming pools, giant bouncy castles and more to keep the children entertained. It was like DisneyLand, only better.

Loacted in the 9th July area of the city, where many expats live, the school doesn't advertise anywhere but they have waiting lists. Ask around about Lamassat, every body knows it.

Libyans Stars Nursery and Primary School in Zawia

As soon as we moved to Zawia we started looking for another nursery school to put our children. By chance someone drove in front of that school and told us to have a look at it. We went and were totally impressed by what we saw, we signed up the children on that very first visit.

This is also a Libyan independent school, it has been running since 2010. The building and facilities are all brand new and extremely well maintained. The outdoor space is big enough and has some shaded areas as well as slides and other games.

They have 2 classes for the nursery, my youngest attend the baby class and my oldest is in the upper class.The language of education is Arabic, and children in the upper class learn Literacy (Arabic), Numeracy, English and Qur'an on a regular basis throughout the week. The level of education is pretty high and children are encouraged to focus and learn. Despite the language barrier, my 4 year old can now recognise and write some letters in Arabic and English as well as count and recognise numbers in Arabic, English and even French (i'm French and his teacher can speak French as well).

My children love their school and their teachers. When they wake up in the morning they can't wait to go to school and when school day is over they never leave without giving a kiss to their teachers. We are also very happy as we can see our children are happy and they are making really good progress in their learning. I think my children will be staying in that school as long as we live in Zawia.

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