Massage parlor

are massage parlor available in tripoli libya

STAR THERAPY, make you a Super Star in Libya.

I somehow don't think that the massage girls won't be as fit as the birds on the web page PMSFL :lol:

hoyel wadan on dahra has wide variety of massage services, i think its 70-80 ld gor an hour.

Waqas you seemed to have gained a lot of knowledge in the short span of time in Libya.........

Is necessity being the mother of invention sort of thing for you here???? ;)

Oh Sirjee
My wife read the post and she said how come i find massage services every where i i am already convicted.
Actually i went to wadan hotel to see their gym+pool facilities and the rec manager showed me around, thats how i discovered it...:thanks:

hahhaaaa........... that's all you have???

I guess I will have to visit the hotel to check it out for myself and report back to your home office that everything is kosher ;)

Siddiqui wrote:

everything is kosher ;)

Highly unlikely in Libya! :rolleyes::lol:

No kosher massages, just halal.

hahha........ Halal and Massage don't mix too good ;)