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Hi Sandman6

I am an indian and shall be reaching to tripoli by oct 09,I have read your responses and very much encourgaed by that.I also came to know that maids or nannys are available at tripoli. Presently I am reaching alone and would like some one to help me in my domestic works. Can you please tell me the monthly cost of hiring a maid at tripoli




I believe it depends on the nationality of the maid you want. In Libya, what I know is, they have Moroccans (possibly the best here), Filipinos (were the best in Egypt), Tunisian, Algerian and women from various other African countries. The order I've placed these countries in will also give you an indication of highest to lowest cost.

You may have some trials, may not find the right one first time etc so it's probably best to start asking around once you are here and can meet some. I have one woman, Moroccan, who was working as a maid/nanny for a number of years, but she only speaks Arabic and French. If you give me your email addy I can see if she's still available and how much she would charge.

What type of work would you need? Cleaning, babysitting, cooking? This will of course affect the cost.

Hi Lipgloss

Thanks for the informations.I shall be reaching tripoli by oct09 and shall get in touch with you My email id is [email protected]

However I need some one for,cloth washing and ironing etc howev er I need some one who can speak english.Can you please tell me the cost of hiring them on monthly basis.

thankx a lot


I had an moroccan house keeper I pay 530 LD/month, nearly 427 $/month ..I have asked her to cook one time it was the last time.

But I believe she is ok with cleaning,I am alone and I again believe that she finishs my home's work in 3-4 hrs.max.than she goes for a second job most probably.I left home 07:45 in the morning she comes 09:00 than I came 19:00 she left home 17:00 ( but I phone and never found her at home after 14:00)

if you are alone than can pay less than me because she will serve for someone else aswell.


hi anump

i hope you doing well and welcome in Tripoli

Regarding your enquiry i think it will be better for you to hire fillipino coz they are smart and not expensive and they sincer so u don't feel worry about your house and i think max to pay them 500 $ will be very nice and attrcat salary coz contry here compaing with other counteries cheap so mention salary will be fine.

again elcome on board


Emad Badawy

hi oo.comzafria,
i am considering bringing my current maid with me when i move to Libya next month.  my maid is filipina. 
how do i go about sponsoring her? 

my husband's company will first sponsor my husband and then me and the kids. they will not sponsor the maid. can my husband sponsor our maid? does this mean my maid can only get her visa when my husband get his work permit (and become a resident) in that order? 

how long is the visa process and what kind of paper work? eg medical health cards etc ??

is there a minimum wage set by the government and basic rules on what kind of benefits the maids are entitled to eg holidays, medical attention, minimum wage, maxinum working hours?  i live in dubai now and UAE has a set of laws which we have to follow eg return tickets for maid, minimum salary etc.

i understand difference in salary of maids depending on her country of origin. what is the average wage of the different maids' nationalities - morrocan/tunisian/filipina/ indonesian etc per month?


You cannot bring your maid under your visa.  The only way around it that I am aware of is to have your company sponsor your maid as their employee.

Dear Sir/Ma,
I had been looking for Jobs offer in different countries since last month. and i have not see the one that really interest me or matched my skill. so, I want to know if i can get any jobs offer from Libya. I need a domestic Jobs list to choose from. thanks

Benjamin Nwabuisi

Hello Benjamin,

If you are seeking a job, instead of posting it on the forum, you can try to go to the Lybia jobs section.

Best of luck for the future1f642.svg

Djameel Team
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