Passport photos

Does anyone know of where you can get a passport photo taken to UK specifications in Tripoli?

Al Saraya Digital Photography Lab - Gergaresh Road close when you are going to regata to city center it comes 1km on the left after the bridge or wadi in the middle of gergaresh road

Almoneer Photograpy - going the same way, it is on the right about 1 km before Mo'men

Thanks sleepy :top:

Canadian embassy recommends Shaherzad photgrapher. It is off Gurgi Road on the street going left from the first traffic light on Gurgi if coming from the satellite shops and going west.

You will have to cross the bridge over the highway and it is in the first few shops after the bridge on the left side.

I also use Shaherzad photgrapher (as it was the one the my embassy recommended, and they are very particular about specifications).