Lokking for a B&B in Hammamet

Hi everyone,

We're going to Tunisia in August, I don't wan't to go to hotels (I cancelled all my hotel bookings) so I'm looking for a B&B close to Hammamet Yasmine in a safe area, please let me know if you have one in mind, Thank you.

U may need to rent an apartment coz obviously hotels r not safe now in Tunisia.

That's why I'm looking for a B&B , we're staying only few days so  I'm not I  can find an apt

Hi guys of Hammamet,

I just booked in Yasmine Hammamet, at a guest house (Résidence Le Corail) from the 4th to the 10th of August, can we meet and greet?  :)

You 're always welcome to Tunisia, however, you'll be protected sure, nothing can happen in Hammamet as it's always watched by the police day & night, let me tell you that all the Hotels in Tunisia from North to the south of the country is watched by the police and national guard, believe me you're safe.

Kind regards,

BRAVO Company
Ferid ISMAIL, Manager (Owner)

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