looking for room to rent in hammamet with british person


Im new to all this

I am looking for a room to rent with a british person fr a week and then later on in the year

I currently have a boyfriend living in hammamet and wouls like to spend some time over there to see him

I looking for a british person because im hoping i have connections in Tunisia then and also maybe to become friends,also one eening may be able to share they experience of living in hammamet

hope someone can help


Hi and welcome to the forum jeb8580!

I would suggest you to post an advert in the Hammamet housing section.
It might help ;)


shame u not near me hun im in hammem lif near sousse good luck to you gail x

sorry hehehehehe im in tunis not sousse omg were is my head today sorry again:lol:

im ready to help u anytime,,im europian woman i live in hammamet,so feel free to ask anythng

hello europian :)

Welcome on board and thank you for your participation on this thread.

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Expat.com Team

hi. i have an availible appartemenet in hammamet.let me know if you are still interested

[at]nabeulien > why don't you post an ad in the flats for rent in Hammamet section. Thank you.

I am flying out to Tunis in a couple of weeks.
my partner is trying to find us an apartment, but if all fails we will get a hotel. I'm really new to this is there areas where it's more except able for us too stay together as we aren't married or is it just down to the landlords?? Please help running out of time xx also is this the same with hotels? We would like Tunis

Kind regards

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