Basketball in Cairo

Hi all... Does anyone know any outdoor basketball courts, or any public  place where you can shoot some hoops pls ?

Did you find anything? I just moved to Maadi and would love to play some ball.

Hello guys, I actually know a good court and we are looking into forming a group that can go there together at least once a week. If you are interested, you can *** just message me here.

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Hello all

Looking for some courts - anyone know of any?

Yooo Bro,  I'm interested to be part of the group.  When do you guys play so that I can join.  pls let me know Bro

I kno of an outdoor court, played there a few times. It's in Nasr City. Let's organize something. Let's say Friday or Saturday? Whoever wants to play pm me


I'd like to join ya guys if u'll gathering together and play soon  :)

Hey Whats up everyone?
I thought I was the only one looking to shoot some hoops. Anyways, was wondering if you guys have actually been playing recently and if it still ongoing. Would appreciate if I can join. Looking forward for some feedback! See ya!


Hello everyone,

Please refer to the Sport partners in Cairo section where you may drop an advert if you are looking for basketball players. Threads like this one tend to fade on the forum. Your adverts will benefit from more visibility and interested members will be more likely to contact you.

All the best

Hey guys, I found a game every Thursday night out in New Cairo. Check out the classified post I put up in the sports partners section.

We rent out a school gym from 6-9 pm. The more who show up, the cheaper it is, but we typically pay 40-50 LE. Hit me up!

Hello guys, I'm a college basketball player. I'd like to join you for some pick up games

Hey, ME and a bunch of guys from Canada And the US play every Thursday in Nasr city.

We have a league yearly, but  this time it's so hard to find a venue since a lot of court are occupied, we need a venue to play for our league, maybe someone here can help.

Check Club7 , maadi . behind Victory college

Thank you Elmosallam :) ,we will check the venue. the question is, do they permit foreigners playing there?

Dear Gelo,
Let me check out and I'll reply you as soonest.
Please pick a place for me with yoyr team😉
Have a good evening

Hey, is this group still on and can you add me ***

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