Accommodation in Tangier Morocco. Cheap and accessible to Facilities

Hi! Im Liezel from Bohol. I would like to move to Tangier Morocco probably next month or by August. I am open to any housing suggestions in Tangier. I prefer cheap/affordable one yet a comfortable apartment, accessible to any forms of transportation available and hopefully not far from the beach.Let me ask one thing, is it possible to get a job there?

Hello Liezel and welcome on board :)

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A short introduction maybe? What is bringing you to Tangier?

Concerning accommodation, you may want to drop an advert in our Housing in Tangier section of the site to increase chances of finding a nice rental


Hi Kenjee!!

Thanks for the info.

Would you mind if I ask you we're you come from?? It would be nice to have a contact there in Morocco because this is the 1st time I will travel away from home alone.

One thing I want to know is about the health insurance for tourist people. Is it necessary to get 1 prior to my travel?


Hi Liezel,

Kenjee forms part of the Team expat-blog, he is one of the moderators of the forum and no he is not in Morocco.

Concerning health insurance for tourists, i leave that to the members of the Tangier forum to help you.

However, you can read the Health care in Morocco article in the Living in Morocco guide to get an overview.

Hope it helps,
Bhavna  ;)

Hello Liezel,

I am currently living in Tangier and will be glad to answer any of your questions :)

For the accommodation are you looking to rent for a month or a long period of time ? Because the price will change depending on the period of the contract.

Let me know of how much you can pay per month and I will be happy to ask around for you

I am thinking to rent just   for a week first then if I like the place then I will extend my stay. I am allowed to stay there in Tangier for 3months the shortest. I am looking £150-250/month.

Thanks a lot. Your help is much appreciated.


hello  from morocco ,
why  you  did  chose  tangier  city , it  s  a  big  and noisy  city 
and  the  sea  there  is not  that  good , and  everythings there
is expensive  , instead  of  that  there is  many  nice places
quiet  and  clean sea  that  you  can stay  in  and  not  expensive

Thing is renting for a week will cost a bit 2 much since they will charge per day minimum 25 dollars a day but I can ask around and see if there something a bit cheaper... I m guessing u r not looking for some place fancy?
I will ask around and get back at u in the next few days :)

Tangier is a truly a nice place !!
A place where u can find a good job, dine at a good restaurant and have a good swim at a very good beach :)

I choose Tangier because it is much easier for my husband to visit me during weekends. There is a direct flight from Gatwick to Tangier and he prefered flying that route.


With all due respect! You may want to market Ourrzazate; but please, please please, DO NOT compare or contrast arbitrarily. Thank You


P.S.: And yes! I've been to Ourrzazate before and after HollywoodOuarzazate. And yes, it's beautiful and has its own charm. But it's's just different!  First hint: There's no comparison between 2 cities situated in a different lateral and longitudinal parameters.  Tx again!

To you Liezel,

Tangier is a coastal city (Atlantic & Mediterranean) that has a rich history with diversity. Since the 1920's until the Independence of Morocco, Tangier was an International City.  Means: All 5 big nations shared Tangier and believe it or not, Moroccan from El Hajeb and further, had to have a passport to get in (Go figure, right!!!) A lot of history of foreign spies, famous actors and writers, artists etc. tied to this town.  So it keep some of this flavor up to date.  Expats I met said that they felt safe and welcome around the locals; but then, it's in the eyes of the beholder, right?!

Presently, Tangier, is going under a huge makeover; thanks to the incumbent King who likens it since his childhood. 

In regard to employment, Tangier has an industrial free zone; which means that a lot of foreign companies are outsourcing in Tangier. So it seems that it's heaven for foreigner in terms of finding a job.  Please be aware that they're some regulations though about expat working in Morocco. But there are many other little businesses where the regs do not have to be that stringent.

I hope that this will be helpful to you, and I'm sure that you'll find more information from expats residing in Tangier.

Now, I hope that you'll get as much information about Ourrzazate so that you can make your informed guess.  But at the end: Nothing would be better than visiting the places for yourself and then making your decision.

Good Luck.


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