Looking for bridge player or club

I am looking for a bridge player in Bali.
I am single and need a partner . Please if there is anyone that would like to play .please leave a message or send an text to

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Hi Tasma,

Really nice to meet you here. so sorry if it is too late. I'm Nanda, living in Denpasar and playing bridge once or twice a week with my clubs. Let me know when we can catch up. there are many friends waiting you :)


Hi Anandini,
I would be great to play bridge. my only problem would be I live in Seminyak . A long way for me to come but not impossible.
can you send me your phone number please.
Kind regards


Sorry for my late reply. We play in Jl. Jayakarta, Gatsu. approx only 15-20 minutes driving from Seminyak area, we play once a week, usually tuesday or wednesday. Feel free to contact me anytime : ************************. will send my contact via private messg.

See u :)

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Seems my previous message didn't go through .

Doesn't seem far for me to travel .
I work in Bali and only have weekends and night available.

Please could you give me the times and days  you play.
Thanks Tasma


Our schedule is Wednesday or Friday night, 20.00 - 22.00. always at night.
Once a week.



Hello, beeing a old post, I wonder if you are still active in Bridge in Bali.

I live in Sanur and happy to travel. BBO is just not enough.



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