King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital Jeddah- SR 5500 as NICU nurse

Good evening.
Can you give me some feedback regarding this hospital? for I can't seem to find any relevant information regarding its working environment and the way they manage their employees, esp. nurses, the accommodation, if the place is safe, if there would be any alterations on the contract when we get there like the benefits and the salary.
I actually have a job offer here as a NICU Nurse with a salary of SR 5,500 and I am kind of hesitant to push through if I hardly know anything about it.
So if any of you guys have any idea, kindly share it to me and I would really appreciate it.
Thank you in advance and God bless!

Nurses pls comment....

thank you @hamudi :)

I hope someone comes up to help you!!

I think the hospital is under MOH, so it may be a good one. Read your contract, all your questions are in there.

hello dear..

its one of the best hospitals in jeddah when it comes to expats.. its very professional, clean, caring to its employees.. residence area is of above average compare to others and alot of filipinos are there.. you will like it for sure..

Thank you! :)

Thank you!
Because of your comment, I might really consider the job offer :)

hope he doesn't want you to come  'dear' so he can make you his 'queen'


rareshine :

hope he doesn't want you to come  'dear' so he can make you his 'queen'


did you read his profile?! - clearly not.  anyway, i know nothing of this hospital, but military hospitals are standard in practice and performance. The doctors are usually Arabs (egyptian, syrians) and Indo/pak - the best thing is, paycheck on time

Thank you :)

Go for it .. You will not regret be sure .. Ask fillipino expats

Hi..same here may offer na din ako sa Kanila...nakaalis ka na na???

Hi Jollyrolaine,

Could you write in english please as it is an anglophone forum.

Thank you


hello maam,currently employed @ KFAFH,so far there are no alterations from the contract,they have 2 accommodations and the 3rd is on going for its construction,salaries never been delayed,and the place is safe..NICU is in the 2nd level..goodluck..

rareshine :

hope he doesn't want you to come  'dear' so he can make you his 'queen'

:dumbom:  :lol:  :top: how rude but true

One of the best military hospital in Jeddah,

military hospital in general is good and one of best 3 hospitals in Jeddah, after KFSH and ntional guard hospital

as the long as the hospital is Public it is always OK! How to know if the Hospitals are public? if it is annexed with King's name , Prince and Princesses..

Hey there, Are you a Filipino who is presently working at King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital? Thank you

Hello Sir, I have an offer from KFAFH, ER nurse 5500 SAR. Is there any additional allowance for ER nurses at KFAFH?

Hi.. anyway, i recently hired in kfafh and i arrived here 10th days ago. Ine of my batch is assinged in NICU according to her, its nice. But expected that its mara strict due to standard of the hospital. The good thing is mostly are filipinos so u cant fel homesick. And the accomodation so far is good. All the best. ☺

Hi, In Jeddah the first consideration Hospitals are King Fahad, King Abdulaziz etc. These Hospitals are Jci standards hence the process is strictly following. Armed Force Hospitals are also same standard following as all are falling under MOH. I feel the Ministry Hospitals in KSA are safer and it will be the best option.

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