Cost of living for an Indian family (a couple) in Riyadh

I am considering an offer from a company in Riyadh. I have my wife with me and the job is for a permanent relocation to Riyadh. We prefer vegetarian food and a normal life style. I will prefer to stay in 1 BHK flat in Riyadh as I came to know that the accommodation is costly in Riyadh.

I have gone through various blogs in sites about the cost of living in riyadh.

Can anyone please help me to assess the cost of living per month in riyadh?
Also, please let me know which items are costly in riyadh as compared to any indian city and which items are cheaper for living?

Dear Brother,

For a couple living in Riyadh in Indian community should not exceed more than 7 to 8 K per month (Includes House rent+Child education  in indian school +family outting.. etc) and rest is all saving.

However you can go thru numbeo website, which you can do research for yourself.


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