salary negotiations

New to the forum. I am considering a possible move to cameroon cyanide in August if  contract negotiations go through. Am currently earning 5000dolls net salary and have an allowance of 12000dolls US for accommodation and utilities. Currently staying in Banjul. have 2 young daughters. Would love to send them to local private schools Anglophone preferably. Not the likes of American International school. Children are 3 and 7 years. How much can I expect to pay for fees , grocery expenditure(average).
I want to negotiate for a 6000doll salary a mont(at least).
I am a medical doctor by profession
Currently here I have been able to supplement my salary with the extra money after paying rent.
Is it also possible to open a foreign account /us dollar account and can it be linked with a debit/credit card.

Hello dzoubones,

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I would advise you to have a look at the different themes available on the forum namely:

1) Cost of living in Cameroon
2) Schools & studies in Cameroon
3) Banks and finance in Cameroon

You can get some useful information.


For the Schools, you have The Bridge in Douala; it is international but here is their phone +237233471378 so you can ask, they  also have a link
For the account , I don't really know but if you need some telephone numbers I can provide them to you.