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I'm moving to Cambodia in September and will be receiving my TEFL certification in November. I'm wondering what the options are for newly certified teachers in Cambodia, especially ones who do not hold a bachelors degree. I'd also like to talk with other teachers so that I can get a feel for what to expect in terms of cultural and classroom expectations. I look forward to learning more and making new friends in the process!


I wish you luck. You have a big advantage. You are classified as a "native speaker". I do not have a degree, but a 120Hr TEFL from the UK and am living in Germany (am a German citizen). I have 13 years of teaching experience with 9 years certified but I was born in India, so have faced a bit of negative "experiences". I shall be trying, too. my idea was go there last year but did not materialise. Shall try again. My goal is a bit different. Am moving for good from Europe.

Am sure there are other teachers here who would respond.

All the best

Thanks, Suren! I'm looking to move permanently from the States as well. Best of luck!

The calling! The inner calling.
You are responding to the call of your heart. Your path cannot be wrong.
Fair weather and good sailing ahead.

Just the words I needed to hear today! Thank you!

My pleasure. I am still  listening to the call(ing). The gramophone is still churning out the call LOL.
One day...

Oh the wind, the wind is blowing/ thru the graves the wind is blowing   freedom soon will come--then we'll
come from the shadows
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The ESL market is difficult here. I have submitted dozens of resume and have had only 2 interviews. The Admins must have a different definition of Úrgent Need.   I have all the required Certs and Degrees plus 9 years experience. Be prepared for very unpleasant hot weather. Have enough money to get an A/C ROOM

my advice in terms of teaching an actual Cambodian class is to just be COOL. Remember, this is a poor country with poor families struggling to put their poor children into school. you have to make yourself and your lessons be FUN otherwise itll become something of a chore to the students thus lack of focus and interest and eventually attendance, they want their moneys worth. Nobody says hey, I cant wait to go to that uptight teacher's class today. Think about when you were going to school, elementary or high school, u tend to always remember and respected the COOL teachers, you valued their teachings because you respected them and felt like they truly understand that school can be intriguing. Involve word games to have everyone participate, sing head shoulders knees and toes......and eyes and ears and mouth and nose....haha. See, just have fun. Don't frustrate these poor students with robotic by the books type of education that they'll probably never practice, I mean, like what is a pronoun or a double negative. Think realistically. Maya Angelou once said, Ive learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Word to ya motha!!

Thanks so much for the input! Hot and humid is a way of life for me, so I can handle it. In fact, I sort of prefer it! Were you in PP or Siem Reap, or where?

I taught for 13 years. I have no degree but I have a wealth of experience and I am an unconventional teacher. The old method of being the "boss" in the class, robotic teaching, learning by rote are all things I am against. Learning should be fun and teaching should be too.

Proud to say that all my students passed their school final examinations with flying colours. I still remember the the time when the pupils came to me with a beaming smile to show their happiness at having passed with high marks (I am NOT a friend of marks or grades. I prefer the pupils to demonstrate in real life what they had learnt)

An A/C is not needed. Heat may be intolerable. One just gets used to it. Well, I was born in India, so I know what heat can be.

The joy in teaching is seeing the pupils happy and happy in learning.I learnt from my pupils each year, than what I learned in business  for the past thirteen years. In my opinion, there is no profession as rewarding as teaching. I still have fond memories of the time I was teaching.

If I had a good opportunity to teach there in Cambodia, I shall move from Germany. I prefer the  life in the countryside rather than the urban one. Yet, I must take into consideration that I have two children, whom I support. Duty will not be neglected


You'll be fine!  I was pretty much in the same position.  No bachelors but a TESOL certified.  I lived int he states for 28 years so my English was well enough Native sounding.  I was able to become a teacher.  Only difference between you and I, is that I am Khmer and you are caucasian which can help you.

I wish I could just take the plunge and move to Cambodia and be there till I find a job. However, I am not in that position. I wish I could just drop in there on a holiday for a few weeks (more is not possible right now) and search for a possibility.

Has anybody done this? The climate is not a problem for me, nor is a harsh living. The only luxury I need is an internet connection because I have my websites to keep going (developing an online business)


Thanks Sanou! Where do you teach now?


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