Ugandans living in Singapore?

Im godfrey planning to move to Singapore in a few months.I would like to get in tourch with Ugandans living in Singapore.

Hello Musasizi Godfrey! :)

Here is a short list of Ugandan expatriates in Singapore

Kenjee Team

Thanks let me get in tourch with them.

Hey guys, am a Ugandan living in Abu Dhabi but I would like to shift to Singapore but I have no clue what's there, no friends ,nothing..
Any kindly can hit me up , wanna get a cool job there .thanks

Kukki223: This forum is full of advice (not only from or for Ugandans, of course) on how to find a job in Singapore and move there. Please feel free to read and follow as much of it as you can. Good luck!

Alright , how can I start or wat can I do ..??

You are planning to visit here to search for a job but didn't get time to google about this country? Beppi already informed you that we had post various information about how to find a job here (which is very difficult unless your experience is in demand in the market here). Spend time to read threads in category “work”. Good luck

Hi there am Steve a Ugandan but currently in the United Arab Emirates but I would like to be advised on how I can switch to Singapore for work issues. Thanks
Steven: You have come to the right forum for advice on how to find and apply for jobs in Singapore and what the available visa options are.
Please start by reading the wealth of information already available in the various related threads (the search function is a great help here and located at the top right of the page). The hard work, however, of fulfilling the requirements and convincing an employer that you are the right person for the job, can only be done by you yourself.
Good luck!
Thanks for the reply
Hullo guys, l wnba come to Singapore how can l get ajob. 
Hullo guys, l wnba come to Singapore how can l get ajob. 
- @Joeriah04
Basically the same as anywhere else: You need to find suitable job openings, apply for them, convince the employer that you are the right person to hire - and then fulfill the requirements for a work visa.
You can read lots of advice on this forum about each of these topics. Good luck!
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