Tonga, Paradise for Retirement or Escape

On a modest budget and thinking of retirement, vacation home or need a safe haven for the uncertain/unstable world's future.   I have found paradise and it is cheap.

Retire on only your social security and live well.

My paradise has access to good medical/dental; Great ocean views; All year mild climate; Wonderful friendly locals; Stable and peaceful government; Immigration is easy and hassle free.

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What do you consider a modest budget?  What area of Tonga do you live? Is the area you live in large enough you don't feel landlocked? What is the quality of the Hospital and the care as per the U.S.?  I don't receive S.S. for another 2 years if it will still be available but I do have a pension and can retire at any time. The question is with uncertain times do I dare retire here and then what happens if the economy goes south have to go back to work or try to find a job at my age after giving up my good paying truck driving job?    RJR

What can you tell me about Tonga? I'm not a sailor, but I do like boating, fishing and snorkeling. Is Vava'u  where I should consider?  What about the boating off season.  Is it somewhere we could live year round without feeling isolated? What about the cyclone season, do the islands become flooded? Where does everyone go when one approaches?  Do they go the biggest island  in the group and hunker down.  I'm thirsty for information on everything about Tonga. :)