Expat blog gatherings in Tonga

Hi all!

What about meeting the other Tonga Expat.com members in real life? Organizing an Expat.com meet up would be an excellent way to know them! :)

An Expat.com meet up can be a diner gathering, having coffee, a bring and share in a nice place, a cultural or sports activity, etc. There are plenty of possibilities: just imagine a pleasant way to meet new people and old friends from Expat.com.

Feel free to organize Expat.com get-togethers in Tonga: you would meet the other members in a friendly atmosphere and have a good time together!

Of course, we could offer some help to organize your meet up and to inform the community.

So, who's in? Do not hesitate to start a new thread to suggest an Expat.com gathering in Tonga. ;)



Sounds a great idea, keen to meet new people. Ive arrived in the country last week.
Im a pilot flying for Chats. Hope to meet some new people up here :)

Hello Jason and welcome to Expat.com!

Hope other members qill show up soon. ;)

Thank you,

Howdy Howdy...
Currently i am living on Vava'u, near Toula, and would be more than happy to assist in scheduling a gathering of folks who may be interested in meeting one-another.

Hi there all!  My name is Ray.  I don't live on Tonga actually I live in Northern Montana.  I am trying to locate an old friend of mine from Portland Oregon.  All I know is that she married a Tongan man and had two children.  One named Illiana, I can't remember the other.  Her name is Linda, Maiden name of Valentino.  Aprox. age is early 50's.  If you know somebody who fits this description, please let her know about this blog post so she can contact me.  Thank you so much.  I must be nice there.  It's just getting ready to snow here.  Winter for the next 7 months!

@ Ray > Do note that this topic is reserved for the Expat.com gatherings in Tonga and your search is a bit off topic here.

I advise you to post your search in the Missing people in Tonga section, it might help you.