Cost of living in Tonga - 2010

Potential expats in Tonga need you and your information! :)

Would you please give up in this topic what is the actual cost of living in Tonga? However, as no one has the same lifestyle or the same needs, please mention the size of your household;

- price of your accomodation (mention which type - house, flat.)
- public transport (metro, bus, taxi, etc...)
- monthly food budget
- average price for bread, butter, milk, eggs, kg of meat...
- medical insurance
- visit to the doctor
- school fees (mention the type of school)
- water, electricity, gas
- petrol
- internet, landline, pre-paid and post-paid mobile
- average price of a good menu in a traditionnal restaurant
- price of a beer or a coffee in a standard establishment

and of course, if I left out a category which you deem important, don't hesitate to add it!

Thanks for your contribution!

Do you have any web addressed for real estate rentals in Tonga?

Are there any web addresses available to give information on the cost of living in Tonga?