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Newbie on the Tonga forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Tonga if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hello friends. I am a US Army veteran, married and father of 2. I am a Seventh Day Adventist, and have a passion for helping young people get to know Christ through Pathfinder's (Seventh Day Adventist denominational scouting club). I am entertaining an urge to explore a mission project in Tonga; more specifically the Neiafu, Vava'u area. I hope to find myself useful in disaster response and preparedness, Christian education, and beginning a Pathfinder's club in that area.

I have a lot of dreams, but really do not know where to begin. Any advice would be greatly valuable. I would be coming with some monetary independence, but would need to rely on US or local support, perhaps earning an income while there. My goal would be to remain for 1-2 years or more.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any advice. I'm open to suggestions.

If anyone could advise me, I am interested in how to purchase property in tonga, and also what employment in Tonga would best suit an American such as myself and what is the cheapest and simplest way to make a life in Tonga? Any information that someone could give me or email me at clayking87[at] would greatly be of benefit. Thanks to all. I am a very young man aged 26!

I am a wanna be sailor and I retire in 5.5 years.    I had planned on buying a 40' sailboat and sailing the world, but as I seem to be unfortunately a permanent bachelor, most of the wind has been taken out of my sails as I am not interested in doing it alone.  I am interested in living in Tonga as beachfront property is affordable and I could still have my boat.

Problem is, information is impossible to find, as an example, this forum, which should be the last place I have to look, rarely has anyone's questions answered.  Many, many questions asked, none answered.  See the questions posted before mine as an example.  As well as others in this forum.  The founder appears to be trying to keep this boat afloat, but nobody answers any of his questions either.  Very disappointing...

Mainly, I want to know how anyone is supposed to actually establish residency there when the Tonga Consulate explicitly forbids non Tongans from residency.
I am not of Tongan Ancestry, former Tongan or married to a Tongan, therefore, I am prohibited from residing there.  All these expats talking about living there, but according to that website, it is impossible.

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welcome to!

Thank you for this introduction. The topic here is "New members of the Tonga forum, introduce yourself here" so everyone are welcome to introduce themselves and talk about their project but we ask members to create a new discussion on the Tonga forum if they have specific questions for a better visibility and interaction.

Yes, is a social network for expatriates and people who want to live abroad. The forum is a mutual aid place where members can share their experiences and ask their questions.

I would also like to welcome everyone and please do not hesitate to introduce yourself and if you have any questions, i invite you to start a new topic on the forum for more visibility.

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Hi All

I'm a Tongan-born-not-raised expat, currently living in Asia and teaching English.  I'm a bit of a hobo moving when and where my whims tell me to go. I'm a total people-person, simple and nature-loving with a deep respect (mostly) for my fellow man but with an island pragmatic kick. I speak Tongan fairly fluently as long as it's to common folk.  Didn't bother learning the language for the nobility. In case you didn't know, Tonga has a peerage system.

I visited Tonga 3 years ago and I'd like to go back soon - as in the next year or so - to set up property for the parents to retire comfortably to. Tonga calls to me, so despite it's little 'issues' I can't consider any of it's beautiful Polynesian neighbours as a place to call home. 

Since reading through some of these intro messages, I'm considering setting up an office in Tonga to help with immigration enquiries. (joke)  I look forward to discussing more about Tonga with you.

Hi. I am married to Claire and we have a 13 year ols son. I am an architectural and planning consulsant in the uk. We are lucky enough to live in an AA rated eco house in 10 acres of woodland. We designed and built the house ourselves. We got a felling licence on the 16th century planted Sweet Chestnut woodland so that we could revitalize its growth and encourage wildlife. This has been a great success. A by product was all the timber. Claire and I felled and milled timber and erected our house. We have been living in it now for 5 years. and its toasty! Now looking for another chalenge, to go further with our off grid living. So this is where Tonga leaps out of a computer monitor and grabs my attention. So all the advice you have, we will be very greatfull to receive. We are looking at the islands that are for sale (leasehold). We would like about half the land we have here in the UK. 5 acres or so. So, what is buying property in Tonga like? How is the tax system, well you get it.. Many thanks, Kevin

Hi everybody! I am Adriano from Italy, nice places, but would like to move to a paradise island. I am 38, never married no children. I graduated in philosophy, with a lot of jobs done (electrician, plumber, welder...and so on). I would like to teach sailing in Tonga. Hope to find some friends and advices here...because into two years i would like to expatriate!!

Hi - this is Pauline

I am considering a VSA post in Tonga and would like feedback from members that have worked there.

I worked in Rarotonga in a senior role at the Hospital so I have some experience in working in a Pacific Island environment.

I would appreciate any feedback on living in Tonga and positives and negatives that have been your experience

Kind regards


Hi I would like to introduce myself as Pauline who is interested in working in Tonga.  I have a particular interest in the Pacific Islands having worked in a senior health role in Rarotonga.
I have a business background in the health sector in NZ and am particularly interested in areas of business development in the health area and small business set up.  I have worked in large organisations and also had my own businesses's in health and recruitment and holiday home management
Rarotonga has given me a passion for working and integrating with the culture of the islands and possibly the fact that I am a direct maori descendant of the Ngati awa tribe of the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand has enabled me to feel a sense of belonging to the island culture.
I would appreciate feedback from people who are residents for Tonga and/or any expats who are or are working there.

Kind regards


Hello all, I am working in Tonga for the whale season. I will be living in Nuku'alofa. Let me know if you are close by.

I am originally from South Africa and am a marine biologist. I'm a social person and love to hear of other people's adventures and stories.

Hi my name is Shirley an I am really glad I searched high n low an came upon this place on YouTube cos I never heard of it.
I must say I am excited an learning all I can on the internet n the more I read the more relax I become..I am moving with my daughter 28. My granddaughter 6
We are black.Americans from this place is great especially with all the job cuts along with shorter hours it's become impossible to live here in my state..I am grateful for my savings and income of 1500 a month, pension.  would like to know where I can live on the main land with my family..nothing fancy an we prefer to live among natives no expat community if there is one..I like to learn the native way an retire here but seems social security might not be around in 15yrs so I might not be able to add on any income cos I sure don't wanna work lol leave that to my 28yr old any help I can get would be great like to move in Sept..thanks

Hi Shirley

I think you will do very well on Tonga. I am about to live on Tonga. In The summer.last year i was in Tonga  for 2 months. First look at the assured income visa. But  you need to apply for this outside of Tonga. My for you and your daughter. When you arrive get a visitors visa. You can extend this to six months. Leave Tonga and visit New Zealand for shopping or holiday. Return to Tonga you can then have another six months in Tonga. Keep doing that for now. Renting property is not a problem. Deal with it when you are there. A good place to stay cheaply is Tony,s houses. Look on the internet to book before you go.He has large rooms with many beds. most the the time you will be alone in room. Enjoy your time in Tonga. My age is sixty. Many Expats in Tonga. They keep Tonga a secret. They do not want to many people coming. keep it a secret to.yes  Regards John.

I am glad you replied John, you are the first person I have seen reply in years on this forum.  Finally, someone who's actually been there said something about the place!

Well thank you John I hope we can be friends n u keep in touch n tell me all cos I'm excited about it. .ok the secret is kept..Jose I like to b ur friend too..the more the merry if u got tips I like to hear them..thanks..

Hi shirley

Do not want to provide to much information to others who view this site. Contact me at ***

Regards John

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Hi All,

My wife and I are planning to come out to Tonga next year for a look around with a view to upgrading to a one way ticket shortly after.

It would be great to meet up with some of you while we're out there to hear your expat stories.

As well as building our own home and raising our family I would like to make myself useful in the community.

I used to be a teacher and I wondered if that would be of any use to folks with children.  Maths, Science, Geography are my specialities.

Look forward to hearing from you all soon,

Colin & Gillian

Hi Guys

You'll find there are plenty of expats on the main island and in Vava'u. I'm looking at Nomuka so I expect I'll have less contact, unless the new wharf that is rumoured to be built brings in more visitors.

Regarding community work, Tonga teaches English as a second language but I think this is only compulsory in high school. I would think you could hit up a local school for some casual/part-time fill-in. The smaller village schools often don't get a lot of speaking practice.

When I was there in 2011 I found it a bit strange that they didn't have more variety in fresh produce. Just saying.

Anyway, here's hoping you guys get some great info for your plans.

All the best!

How did you get on?  Did you buy in Tonga or is still on the cards?

I am getting some property locked away this week. The crown prince allowed 5 house lots to be given away to the locals and my uncles got us two lots but we're hoping to secure a third. I should get confirmation by the weekend since the local rep is in Auckland this week and my family is able to see him in person. Fyi - my mother is a native from Nomuka.

Where are you at with your plans?

Have identified some land as part of Sea Breeze development on Hunga.  I am going for a business visa to set up a building company to help others get their properties up and running there too.  I've been running an energy efficiency and building services company in the UK for a few years so its not quite bread and butter but manageable.

Nice. I'll make sure I have your card handy.

Someone needs to get your site and contact details to come up on the first search pages. I looked all over last month. Since I'm in asia now I've been looking in china for prefabs and offgrid systems.

I'll be heading down for a look at the property in December and to get the news on the island's developments.

What's been your biggest challenge in Tonga?

Site has only been live 2 days.  Working in the SEO.  Keep in touch

Will do.
If you and the fam find yourselves in the nomuka area around xmas next year, drop in for a coconut or two :)


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