New members of the Morocco forum, introduce yourself here - 1st quarter of 2015

Hi all,

Newbie on the Morocco forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Morocco if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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My Husband has to open a office in Casa , and he ask me to find a nice apartment where we can stay when we are there . This apartment needs a pool a nice view in a good area .
I have no idea where to start ? I will be in Casa from 18 until 21 feb. greets Jeanette

Hello! I am an American who just recently moved to Morocco (Oujda). I came here to be with my Moroccan wife. We originally were going to move back to America but I fell in love with this beautiful country! Since my work can be done remotely (I own a tech support company) I decided to get a home here and work from a home office.

I'd love to meet other Americans or English speakers to "hangout" with as I currently only know my wife's

Hello, came bk to morocco in 2004 after spending 7yrs in NYC and DC..was also born in the US..hope ur enjoying morocco and Rabat..My parents are both from morocco. If u need anything let me glad to help

let me know if you were in Casablanca, Take care .

Hopefully this year me and my family will move to Morocco. Currently living in Holland. Hope to meet some other  Dutch or English speaking people who live in Kenitra or Rabat.

Hello I am Fiona thinking of moving to Morocco, would love to meet people in Fez, Meknes or Ifrane hopefully with children like me.

I moved to Casa in Aug 2014 to teach.  I am looking for friends to hang out with and go do things with.  I have own transportation.  Please contact me at kellybridgers[at]  Looking forward to meeting you!

Been here since 7 years..never knew about this site.  Good to seee all. I am living between paris and eager to make friends here.


This is Paolo, 45 Yo from Italy.  I would love to move in essaouira. I would have to invent all my plan, including possible option for work, house.
I would be grateful to anyone who could give me info to build my plan.
see you soon.

Hi Aimee,

My husband and I are visiting Morocco and will be in Casablanca overnight on Thursday.  I'm looking for Filipinas living in Morocco to meet and talk with/interview for some stories to be featured in my blog

If you're interested to connect, please let me know.  We can communicate online if we don't have the change to meet personally.

Tessa / Viajera Filipina

hi all
this is mehmet from turkei.i am living and working in casablanca. i want to join some group for french practice.

hi all
i'm Hatim From Morocco. i would like to meet new people ^^ contact me if you want i won't bite lol

Hi there,  thought it's about time I registered especially after browsing around the forum now and again for a few months.

Although I have only been to Morocco once (Marrakesh) which was just 12 months ago and as with most places I visit just seemed to blend in and not want to leave.

I'm currently living in damp/cold old UK but looking for somewhere a lot warmer to move to for at least most of our winter time and the occasional week or so throughout the rest of the year, which could fit just nicely into the current visa regulations, also being a retired person (yes been around the block a few times) and with no ties I don't see why it can't be feasible.

Obviously I'm not going to jump in at the deep end and buy something instantly so and hopefully will start of renting somewhere 'if that's a feasible option'

Unfortunately I don't speak French or any other language native to Morocco so maybe will have a big draw back because of that, but no matter where in the world I go manage to get by some-how or another.


I'm an American student moving to Marrakech this May and looking to make some friends :)

Also if anyone knows a good place to learn French and Arabic in Marrakech, it would be greatly appreciated!

Salaam/Hello everyone,

I'm an American married to a Moroccan.  We are living in the U.S. but my husband is wanting to move back home as our children grow up (we currently have 3).  He's recently graduated with a degree in accounting and he's looking for connections/suggestions on where he can find a job in his field.  We'd prefer to live in Meknes, Fez or Ifrane to be close to family but are open to other parts of the country as well.

Hi ! I am a Moroccan living in Rabat. If there is anyone  who has just moved to Rabat and face a problem with communicating in Arabic, I'll be very happy to help him / her.

I am looking for volunteer works in teaching English  in Morocco. :)

viongskie16 :

I am looking for volunteer works in teaching English  in Morocco. :)

In case you didn't see the other thread, where I replied to you:--

Don't do it please. It's a well-known racket hiring "volunteers" and, in addition, it means that someone local, who otherwise would have been paid for doing what the "volunteer" is doing, will lose work and money.

Especially, do not pay money to any organisation or agency either foreign or local (or to the placement) which offers to "arrange" a length of time in a school or whatever. These agencies often ask for money up front for your accommodation and food. This is a scandal, as any decent organisation should be offering you bed and board in return for your work. Therefore, this is an even worse racket.

I'm afraid that unless you come to Marrakech and look around, you should forget completely about this. The only chances that you might have would be with large, reputable, foreign charities where you can be sure that no one is going to lose their job because you are offering free work.

Hi Kelly,
I am thinking of coming to Morocco, Casablanca to teach English, how has your experience been and what do you teach? Any advice you can share would be welcome!

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