Looking for female expats to share a room in Da Nang.

Hello everyone,

My name 's Dieu Vu. I'm Vietnamese and I'm 24 years old.  My hometown is in Quang Nam (near Da Nang). I studied in Ho Chi Minh City. And now I move to Da Nang to continue my study. I'm looking for a room in Da Nang. And I want to share it with a female foreigners. Because I want to practice and improve my English. Of course, I will tell my roommates about what's beautiful in Da Nang and other city in Vietnam. Are there any expats in Da Nang excited with this? Or Can you introduce to me any female foreigners who are looking for a room in Da Nang?
Thank you so much.

Dieu Vu


It is better if you post an ad here

Good luck.

Oh Thanks so much :)

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