General Practioner - Medical Doctor Santiago?

Hello- can anyone recommend a general practitioner medical doctor for  an average annual  medical ' check up' which I hope will include blood work,cholesterol etc, etc as well ( some English would be preferred) thanks guys.  My only other two options are to just go to Clinica Corominas and flub my way around and hope I fall into the right office and Dr. or ask call my old dentist here and ask him for a recommendation- thank you- Happy New Years!

I have an excellent internist (who serves as my general doc) at HOMS Hospital (huge medical office building next door on site) in Santiago

Pedro Benedicto
829-947-2222 ext 8817

He speaks perfect English and is partially US trained.  Many expats here on the north coast use him

Bob K

Thanks Bob, I just saw your message - this is great. I'll reach out to him now. Thanks again- I didn't get a notification in my email about a reply on this thread - which is why I'm so late in replying. Thanks again.

No problem.  He will do good by you.

Bob K