Rock Climbing

Hi, I am new to Riyadh and would like to know if there is a rock climbing club or groups of people that enjoy the outdoors.  I am looking for fun fitness stuff.


there are but mostly groups of male and families.
if you live in a compound, you probably heard  of the hashers. especially beginning this season, hashers go out to the outdoors for activities. ask one in your accommodation.

Thanks so much!  Off to Hash today to run or perhaps walk it.. I heard the walks can be challenging in the desert.  Looking forward to meeting new people.

Hi Candace-I just joined. I'm looking into teaching ESL in Riyadh. I'm a rock climber and I'd love to get out rock climbing and to a climbing gym if this exists in Riyadh.  Have you gotten out rock climbing? Thanks! Bethan … ppu875u875

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