Learn Englsih - Teach Shqip

I teach English and would like to learn Albanian. If you are an Albanian speaker who would like to learn English and teach me Albanian (On Skype) perhaps an hour a week or more. Please let me know.

I also teach English on-line for a fee if anyone is interested.


We can start with; Pershendetje, eshte kenaqsi :)

Pershendetje, eshte kenaqsi, !!!
a Kemi skype?

How about 30 minutes a few times a week, we can practice conversation ?
so is "Pershendetje, eshte kenaqsi" the common way to respond when meeting someone?

Hi rick,

I also invite you to post in the Language Exchange in Tirana section, it might help your message to get across more effectively.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Thank you I will.

did you find anyone to teach you Albanian
If not, I can teach you, I am a teacher.

Hi Yes...I found a teacher, but it would be useful to spend 30 minutes talking to a local and we sharing English / Shqip conversation, so we both benefit from practice.
We can do it on Skype or over coffee sometimes.
What do you think ?

Hi ..Would you still like to have some conversations?

Hello there, if you are still interested in learning
Albanian you can click here for the Albanian English dictionary and if you speak Romanian click here for the Romanian Albanian dictionary
(since you're in Bucharest I suppose you know the language)
Paç fat - good luck!

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