Farming in Uruguay

Hi, my wife and I are considering buying a farm in Uruguay. Would love to hear from any expats farming in Uruguay who could share their experiences in terms of the buying process, what to expect in terms of crop yields, climate etc.... and opinions on the shape of agriculture in general. Looking at buying in Uruguay as land is really expensive in NZ, and my wife is from Buenos Aires and would like to be closer to her family (though the politcal situation in arg rules out farming there). From what I've read, most farms seem to have absentee owners and are leased out? We would like to live on and work the land ourselves (we're farmers in New Zealand), is that a realistic prospect in Uruguay?
Thanks very much to anyone who can help.

I only know of one what I would call a real farmer here. He is in Colonia and mostly grows soy for the Chinese market. You should join the Uruguay Facebook groups and he will probably respond to questions.

There is also a sustainable agriculture group connected to the first one.

I visited New Zealand and Australia earlier this year and found it very beautiful but expensive.

Not sure about the absentee owner thing. A lot of land is owned by corporations and there has been a big increase in soy and pulpwood.  This has driven prices for farm land up a great deal.


There is an excellent post here that gives you a lot of information. http://

Thanks very much for that! Have joined and got in touch with a few people.

Hi Ross - I lived in Uruguay for 2 years running some farms there.  I may have some suitable intel.


We've been farming in (depto) Colonia for almost 4 years (just went through our 4th winter). Much of our meat and cheese, and all of our milk, nuts and greens come from it. If we can help you, please let us know.

Kind Regards,
Allyson (and half kiwi too ...)

Hi Brent,

Would be great to hear some info and advice from you on farming in Uruguay, including  realistic startup-capital necessary. Thanks.

Hey Ross,

Please share what you found out, this might be a way to get a head-start in Uruguay.

You can also look at Uruguay's version of eBay:  MercadoLibre Uruguay chacra vento

On the left side of the screen, you can choose a department and get an idea of properties and prices.