Medical in Maldives - restricted disease to work in maldives


This is my second attempt to work abroad since i failed to work in Middle East due to Hepa C Virus(reactive) that i get from a blood transfusion. My worries is i might get rejected again? anyone knows the restricted diseases to work in maldives?

I am a graduate of Information Technology. A company based on Maldives offering me a job as a IT Technicians. Is IT works would last long enough in maldives since they offering me a 1 year contract, and my other worries was that IT jobs would not last long in maldives because it is more on tourism and HRM jobs. i might jeopadized my computer cafe just to work in maldives is it worth it? anyone here working in  IT/COMP field in maldives? Thank you very much and God Bless.

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