I'm going to work in Maldives!!!

Hello All,

I just signed a contract today. I'll start working in Maldives from January 1 onward! So excited. I hope I could meet some of you sometimes. I've been reading this forum, and it's been very helpful. Thank you everyone.


PS. I'll be working in a hotel, and I'm from Thailand.

Hi Mon,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

Can you please tell us more about your hobbies? Have you ever been to Maldives before?

I am sure you will get some contacts very soon.

Thank you

Expat.com Team

Welcome to Maldive !!
See in Jan :)

Dear Hasnaa,

Thanks. Way excited to be there. My hobbies include reading, swimming, watching movies, things like that. Are there any other hobbies I can pick up from Maldives? I love learning languages though. Maybe I should learn Maldivian :)


swimming will be really handy here :)

HI All,
I am Sudeep from Nepal. I had started to work in Male from November 2013. Hope to meet Expat Friends.


M working in PWC, Male one of the Big 4 firm in the world....

Hii Everyone

I will be in Maldive from 27th November. I have joined a Fish exporter company as a Senior admin Manager but they are offering very less salary with everything food and accommodation.Can anyone guide me , is it good for me or not? Please.......

Dear Sohan,

The cost of living in Male is quiet High as compared to India. Everything are expensive. Please bring every stuffs and necessary things from India. If the accommodation and foods are provided by company than u have to save all ur monthly salary.


hi mon

Sirreii Adam wrote:

hi mon

Yet another one of your    :offtopic:  posts.

It's January already, are you here in Maldives now? Which hotel are you working at? I'm an expat too, from the Philippines. Been here in Maldives for about 3 months now. :)

hi, i got offer to work as chef in Jumeirah Dhevanafushi. I would like to ask what offer they give you by the GM.
-full flight expenses to their resort ?(even transfer 2 or 3 airport)
-they help u apply for visa?
-34days holiday back to hometown with free flight expenses?

is that above what they offer you?
i just need to be confirm, so that it is real.

thank you so much


As for my case, my employer was very accommodating with regards to my employment procedures.
- they shouldered my flight expenses from my country going to Male City, where my office is
- they processed my visa and other necessary documents while I was still in my home country (via a local agency) as well as when I arrived here in Male city
- As per my contract, I am entitled to an annual vacation leave of no less than one month after I have completed my contractual period of 1 year. They will also be shouldering my airfare going back to my point of origin.

Hope that helped!

Thanks angelixx, thanks for the info. Hmm so it seems to be real. I scared it my be scam.
So how long have u been working in Maldives? Which hotel you work in ? And what about the services charges?
Anything you wanna advice me for my first time abroad for work?

I've been for 3 months already. I am based in the city so I don't really know how life goes with the people working in hotels / resorts in other islands. I hope you'll be fine when you'll come over. This is also my first time working abroad. And knowing that there aren't any malls / shopping centres / moviehouses / cafe's in the city, I brought some books along that I can read for the entire duration of my stay here.

Thank you very much angelixx. Your infomations help me alot. By the way nice meeting you. Have a nice day :)

Hi, How do you feel in your new job? Are you happy?
I have a proposal of work at Maldives and I wanted to know how is life for foreingers.
Best regards,