Hello all,

My name is Werner, a 27-year old Belgian who has just moved to Male'.

Seeing as I'm new here, I haven't made a lot of friends yet. I'd therefore like to meet some new people. I'm also looking for a football team/some football enthousiasts to play games with. I have always played football in at least some form (field football,futsal, mini football, competitive/recreational, ...) so I'm really eager to play again as soon as possible. Anyone who can help me with that?

I'd also welcome any information on gyms in the city of Male'. Time to get off my lazy ass and move ;)

Hope to hear from someone soon,


I'm still looking :)

@ Werner > Posting an ad in the Sport partners in Maldives section might also help your message to get across more effectively. ;)



Hello Werner,

Nice to meet you. First of all i would like to say how amazing Belgium was when i visited in August. Second, I will be in Malé in January 2015 and would like to play futsal/ football next year. I use to play futsal twice a week in indonesia for a Euro expatriate team in 2011. It was so fun. Maybe we can work towards recruiting an expatriate football team to play local maldivians.

Kind regards

Hey Triple,

Thanks for the reply and for the kind words about my country. I'm glad you liked it there!

I'd love to form a(n) (expat) football team here in the Maldives. Just let me know when you get here, and we'll get things sorted out. In the meantime, I'll learn more about games/leagues and tournaments here, and I'll try my best to find some more people willing to play.

Take care there and see you when you get here!

@Priscilla: Thanks for the help and info :)

hello. I also got a offer to maldives.planing to come in january. If yoy like i can join to play football with you guys.

I do go running from time to time at the track. We can go together sometime if you like :)

You can definitely join us anuradhavfx, once you get here!

Hallo Trennung,
Working Visa approved. Ik zie je Maldives volgende maand. Tot ziens

Hello~ Unfortunately, Trennung is no longer in Maldives. He moved to another country last month. I was able to meet him and his girlfriend while they were still here.

Hi trennung ,
Hope you're okay... I'm planning to travel to male in January 2020 , is your football team operational now ?  Would like to join you guys


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