Where is everyone?

Hi all, just wondering where is everyone?

LOL..what a coincidence???
I just sent you a message in your inbox..:)

Yeah,Maldives forum seems so quite for the past few weeks,,,
where are the other members?

hello all,
i finally received my work permits and all required paperwork.
I'll be arriving in Male on the 28th of April after a long 18 hour travel day, once i get settled into my new home and work, lets all meet up!

Cant wait to finally be apart of Maldivian life!


hello everybody!

I'm back! i just came from a month vacation. did i missed an expat meet up? How's everybody? its great that our network in Maldives is growing.. anyway. i'm now ready to participate in the forum and contribute.. count me in once again.

Be happy always =)

i guess its just the 4 of us :) henk.. give us a buzz sometime :)

and welcome back wow pinoy

ahahha!!!  That's true mooch...!
anyways,Wow Pinoy,you did not missed anything!It's not yet happen.. How's your vacation? How is Philippines too??
Once again,Welcome to Maldives!!:)
..hope to see soon!

HI edvilyn, mooch and henk!

I repost a comment on "Introduce yourself". Lets plan for a meet up. I appreciate if you can reply. Be happy=)