Nursing in BIMC

I am an Enrolled nurse working in Australia. Wondering if they have enrolled nurses working in the Bali hospital in kuta?

Have you contacted the hospitals there and asked?

I don't think it is possible to work here as a expat nurse in here.

Expat doctors are not allowed to work in here (except as advisor maybe) and why should it be different handled with nurses ??

Also you need to have special skills what locals do not have, only then there might be chances to get a job. It's doubtful that the Manpower will issue a work permit for a expat nurse.

Of course there is no harm to ask the different hospitals about job options.

It is impossible to work or practice here as a foreigner in any of the medical arts. 

It isn't doubtful that the manpower office would issue a work permit for a foreign nurse, rather, it is impossible.

;) ......yeah, better straight forward Roy. I should not have left a little hope

I believe BIMC is now owned by Chinese doctors. They did have Australian nurses there as I had to take my son there and was immediately approached by Australian nurse as she heard me say I was a nurse from Aust and my son needed immediate care. Not sure if they do have Aussie nurses now though. Good luck and keep me up to date. I too are interested  :)

don't think nurses doctors can work here..which is bad they might learn something.

Foreign doctors and nurses, dentists or anyone in the field of medical arts cannot administer medical care in Indonesia.  There are some exceptions as with the group of Australian doctors that arrived right after the first Bali bombing, and there are medical education exchange programs in place.

Personally I have found the Indonesian doctors, dentists and nurses that I've dealt with over the past 16 years to be quite good.

Just wondering if you found out anymore info about working in hospitals in bali.

Foreign nationals are not allowed to work in hospitals, see Roy's posting above yours.

Hi Stacey88,

As you can see this thread is outdated "2014" unluckily :( and the risk is that you may have no response.

I invite you to create a new thread in Bali forum and be more precise on which information you are looking concerning working in hospitals in bali

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