Doctor in Bali

Hi, does anyone know of a good doctor or medical center that can act as a primary care physician and prescribe medications? Speaking English would be a plus!


I can’t speak for Bali but you seem to tend to be able to get most prescribed medication (back home) from a pharmacy in Indonesia over the counter, probably the only exception is intensive care drugs etc
If you already have these when you arrive a decent pharmacy/ hospital etc should have them or equivalent, they tend to give you 5 days worth, whereas I’m used to several weeks worth if needed

The famous one is Bali International Medical Centre (BIMC) on the By-Pass in Kuta.

Try also the International SOS clinic on the Sanur Road. Or the established expat clinics and medical professionals in the Denpasar area. Most local doctors do speak English and nationalized hospitals should be considered a viable option 👍🏻

I already replied to you once on your thread asking about friends on Bali...and the same question I had for you there applies here...where in Bali will you be living?

Obviously, If you plan on the Singaraja/Lovina area, it won't due you a whole lot of good to make recommendations in the Nusa Dua area, etc.   ;)


With Denpasar, you’re going to have a great number of choices.

I’d start with the international wing at Sanglah.  Once you find a doctor/specialist there you can make appointments to see him/her at their office.  You can also do the same at Siloam hospital.


You're welcome, and good luck with your move here.   :top:

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