Haiti National ID card and Driver's License

Hi Haiti,

Just a few questions,,

I heard a new National ID card is being distributed to Haitians in the last couple of years. I just want to know if foreign residents are also entitled to have this ID card.

Also where is it possible to get a driver's license. Your help will be appreciated thanks !

Car Insurance in haiti?  How much is car insurance in Haiti on average?   I'm buying a used car (Izuzu Trooper).  Where do you go for insurance?  Is it paid yearly?  A friend says that if I buy the vehicle that was previously uninsured I have to pay the previous three years insurance as well as the current year. I have never heard of this.  One friend says it costs 100 US a year; the person in question says it costs 700 US a year.... hmmm...

I honestly know nothing about this subject. However a simple knowledge of economics in Haiti tells me that the $100/yr makes more sense than the $700/yr. $700/yr is normal for annual rent. if that was what insurance cost then no one would be driving.

Yup! That's about right... or something of that nature, you usually have to pay some whatever outstanding tariffs and traffic violations on a vehicle if they haven't yet been paid at the time of transfer of ownership of that vehicle. Local drivers license can be obtained at the central RMV (Circulation french) located at lower Delmas. but most of the Major towns, such as Petion-Ville have their own designated office for this

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